When an N connector isn’t

Gauge set to about 10.7 mm to show the bulkhead N female connectors clearance for a mating connector is close, but not quite long enough to ensure a full mate of the inner connector mechanics.

You would think the world of RF connectors of the pedigree of the “N” would rigorously follow the dictates of the standards that define them. Thankfully most do, but exceptions arise and here is one such example of why it pays to “trust, but verify.”

NIST takes aim at WWVB, WWV and WWVH

The National Institute of Standards and Technology appears to have the time and frequency broadcast stations on the chopping block given the info contained in their 2019 budget proposal. This is what I wrote to my senator and congressman.

The self-absorbed ham

MIA Parent

A writer details how his ham father dissed his family by losing himself in technology. The story serves as a canary in the coal mine for “social media” then and now.